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Canadian teacher seeking a job in China

Name: Jeffrey
From: Canada
Interested in: China
Posted: Tue May 10

Jeffrey Christenson

Age: 34
Nationality: Canadian
First language: English
Mobile: (86)13964600305
Current Location: Shandong, China
Available to work: August / flexible
Visa Status: current Z, marriage visa pending
Desired Location: Beijing or Tianjin (TEDA)

Bachelor of Science - The University of British Columbia 1998
TESOL Certificate – Oxford Seminars 2007 (1 month)
Helen Doron Early English training coarse (2 weeks) 2009

ESL Teaching Experience
(5 years, 2006 – present)

English Teacher: Sept 2010 – Present
Wise English / Baihai Bilingual Middle School
Fangzi, Weifang, Shandong, China
Contact: Felix
Mobile: 15964302050
Duties and responsibilities:
-lesson planning
-creating powerpoint presentations
-finding songs to use in the classroom
-running 45 minute lessons with 36+ children per class
-taught grades 7 and 8

Summary: Wise English uses a topic based teaching methodology. Once given the outline of a week and the required words, I was also free to expand the material as I saw fit. I created powerpoint presentations to help the students learn English, and expand their understanding of western culture and many other things. I selected songs which could be somewhat easily understood by the students and also that the students could hopefully enjoy.
English Teacher: July 2009 – Aug 2010
Helen Doron Early English (HDEE)
Shanghai, China
Contact: Tina (Chinese or English) 13795317538

Duties & responsibilities:
-Lesson planning
-Lesson revision
-Activity planning
-Event planning
-Prop design and manufacturing (funny hats, masks, giant animals etc…)
-teaching 45 minute lessons involving singing, dancing, and games

Summary: The HDEE organization specializes in educating children as young as 1.5 years old. The youngest students of mine were around 2. Many of the youngest students were non verbal so to verify understanding I would use pictures and have them follow commands. The class sizes were small, around 5 students per class. There was no translator or helper of any kind in the classroom so management of 2-7 year old students with low levels of English comprehension was entirely up to me. The job involved a lot of quick thinking and on the spot activity creation because a bored child meant an unsatisfied parent, and children have an attention span of their age in seconds.

English Teacher: Aug 2007 - May 2009
Witty International English
TEDA (Tianjin Economic Development Area),Tianjin, China
Contact: Amy, (in English or Chinese)

Duties & responsibilities:
-following lesson plans
-expanding upon lesson plans
-teaching small classes of around 8 students
-holding free talk / discussion classes of up to 40 students
-Party and event planning and execution

Summary: I was responsible for teaching total beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and business level classes. The students’ ages ranged from 5-60. Most of the students I taught were between 20 and 35. I was responsible for teaching core classes, which were mandatory classes related to computer software. As well as those I taught salon classes, which were optional classes introducing fun topics and new vocabulary. Several times a week I conducted a free talk class. Free talk classes were attended by up to 40 students. Once a month the school held an extracurricular activity (party, contest, presentation), run in cooperation by the foreign and Chinese staff.

English teacher, South Korea 2006-2007

I was a part time teacher at many after school tutoring institutions (hok-wans). Most of my students were in primary school. Many of my class sizes were above 30. There was never a teaching assistant, so it taught me a great deal about classroom management. I must have taught 1000 different students that year.

Teaching Philosophy

Every person is different, and every student is a person. Every student has a different background, learning style, learning speed, intelligence, and needs for the use of the English language. To be an effective teacher is to be aware of this, and be observant of your students in order to learn as much about them as you can. To control a classroom requires carrot, stick, and presence. Something the students want, something they’re afraid of, and a presence that just makes them assume what you say is what is to be done (without the need to shout).

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