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esl instructor from canada

Name: mark d melanson
From: Canada
Interested in: Canada
Posted: Sun Mar 27

Hello my name is Mark Melanson and I am a Canadian citizen. My first language and mother tongue is English however I am also fluent in French and grew up in a very bilingual city with many cultures.

I am TESOL certified. I also hold 2 certifications in Marketing from a leading and reputable Canadian college. I also completed a program at the Ontario Real Estate College. I am specialized in Business English but plan to complete other specialties. I also hold my Secondary School Diploma from Darcy McGee High School located in Gatineau, Canada. I was an elected member of the student council and a high school team captain. I was responsible for organizing school activities, fund raising and various student campaigns and coached a school team to become a top achiever. I also received honors in various subjects such as English, French, Physical Education, Biology and others during my time there.

I have recently become certified and returned to Canada after teaching at the Language Centre in Samara, Russia. I taught pre-intermediate to upper intermediate level classes. I also helped students at various levels from the State University prepare for City and Guilds testing. I also taught a Business English class.

I have worked and instructed children from 5-16 years of age for several years in the area of self-defense and traditional Karate. I was responsible for leading the class warm up and effectively demonstrating the instruction of technique. I consider myself very knowledgeable within this discipline and have won several awards in competition. I am confident I have both the patience and skills necessary to teach both simple to complex concepts to students of all ages as I have worked diligently to establish rapport with my students.

In my previous profession as a Realtor I educated and informed my clients about the real estate market in my city and the process of buying and selling homes. I identified the needs of my client’s by learning about them and what they are looking for. As a realtor I followed a very strict code of ethics as set out by the Real Estate Council of Ontario. Previous to Real Estate experience, I worked as a Territory Manager for a medical company and consulted customers in the area of First Aid and Safety. I also worked several years for Shaw Dental Laboratories. At Shaw Dental Laboratories I informed and educated clients on new technologies and procedures relating to the fabrication of prosthetic appliances. I also organized seminars and continued education programs for my clients and created a newsletter to periodically inform them about news in the industry. Prior to this position I worked as an Account Manager for C.C.H Canadian Ltd. (legal publisher) calling on legal and accounting firms and other business and government professionals. I am familiar with business language and practices. I attended trade shows for both Shaw Dental Laboratories and C.C.H Canadian Ltd to educate and support clients about the services we offered to them.

I am interested in teaching in your country. I am a sincere, caring, conscientious person. I am passionate about teaching, helping others and experiencing new cultures. I look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to be part of your team. Please contact me at

Mark Melanson
TESOL certified instructor.

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