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English/Science/Maths Teacher

Name: Bertrand Rodriguez, Jr.
From: Philippines
Interested in: Any Country
Posted: Sun Apr 20

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology and have postgraduate units in Public Health. I also have a TEFL Certificate (with DISTINCTION) from i-to-i, Ltd., UK.

Having more than six years of classroom teaching experience at different year levels (Middle School, High School, and University), I believe that I have all the qualifications needed for a teaching position in your school. For the past two years, I have taught the UK "O" level in Science and Maths and "A" level in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics and have helped prepare students take the TOEFL and the UK GCSE in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics at three international schools in China. I have also taught advanced courses in Biology to undergraduate students for four and a half years, so I am confident that I can provide the necessary teaching and preparation for the students in your school to pass entrance exams to western universities.

Since I started teaching in China, I have gained additional teaching experience in handling ESL students. I have been exposed to various issues and concerns that ESL students are facing, especially on understanding scientific and mathematical concepts. I have devised unique solutions to help them understand these concepts and I believe this will help me teach other ESL students in the future. Furthermore, I know how to maximize the use of the computer and the Internet in motivating the students to learn new concepts.

Aside from teaching, I have also worked in private organizations, particularly in call centers where I answer calls from customers in the United States. This only proves two things: I have a neutral accent and I am capable of communicating with people coming from diverse backgrounds. I also have tutored students in South Korea via Internet telephony before coming to China.

My worthwhile experience as a university teacher, customer service agent, Head English Tutor/Operations Manager, website developer, businessman, and technical writer has provided me with exemplary skills in teaching (including curriculum development and exam preparation), research (including reports preparation and presentation), and supervising/coaching individuals and groups of people.

I am very eager to learn new things and can easily adapt to change. I am quite sociable and very much interested to meet new acquaintances and friends. I can easily relate to people and have deep concern for others.

I hope the credentials and work experience I have accomplished so far merit your consideration and favorable response.

You may call me at +63-915-786-6048.

Thank you.

Truly yours,

Bertrand Rodriguez, Jr.

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