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Jeff says:
Son of a bitch. I'm new to this industry and have just gotten this email. I'm going to admit I was incredibly excited, working in France was a dream. Then I read the contract and saw the bit asking for money. Hmm that's a bit strange I thought. But in someways made sense. You normally pay to get a work visa, and I guess getting me to pay the rent guarantees I turn up and don't take a job. But I was still suspicious. I googled the school and scam and found this. I'm so glad this was posted here because even though I've just read it's a scam I still want to believe that I've actually got a job offer to work in France. Those sons of bitches.
Posted on Sun, Oct 18 - 06:19

mike says:
Yes, I almost fell for this too. Thank god y'all posted this information. My "contract" was the same as above. And if you notice, in the director's email address ombrosa is spelled with two R's "" So it goes.
Posted on Wed, Oct 21 - 09:17

carol robson says:
I too had the same stuff and was over the moon to be offered the job. Once I saw the request for money I knew something was amiss. I found the ad on several esl/esol sites and actually informed esl education (where I got the info from at first) of my suspicions (no reply from them). I've emailed Luc Vezin to say I don't need accommodation and can I discuss the post/visit the school and he's replied asking when he can call me. The school seems to exist as it's on several listings about international schools - do they know about this? Or is this an incredibly detailed scam??
Posted on Wed, Oct 21 - 10:41

James says:
Hi Carol,

I'm glad you found us in your search. The school does exist. Most SCAMS are based on real schools. They setup an email ( and they post loads of job adverts. They usually offer great pay. This gets more people interested. They have all the right looking documents and after the second or third email they will send notification that you have the job but you will need to make a western union payment to secure the job. This payment is usually for visa/work permit, discounted plane ticket, apartment deposit etc...

I have emailed the real Ombrosa School. If I hear back from them I will post the response here.


Posted on Wed, Oct 21 - 11:25

Gaby S says:
I too fell for this, this is so cruel... it was too good to be true... too good... this sucks. I am so glad I did not send the money, it did look suspicious to me. This is horrible... good luck to everyone, I hope you find a REAL job soon. My best.
Posted on Wed, Oct 21 - 01:55

patrick says:
so what do we do to get in touch with the real job offer from Ombrossa? That is, since the scammers are out to get unsuspecting victims.
Posted on Thu, Oct 22 - 03:00

James says:

There isn't a real job offer. The scammers created a job position as part of their scam. They just happened to use a real school to try to validate the job offer/scam.


Posted on Thu, Oct 22 - 04:16

James says:

I got a response back from the real principal at Ombrosa School Luc Vezin.

This is his response:

Dear James,

Thank you for contacting us and for the useful information published on your website.

We feel concerned and horrified that such scam can be put in place and developed. We are terribly sorry for the applicants. As a school entity and as a person, we feel offended that our name and fame could be misused in such a way.

We will be happy to support any procedure against those people responsible for the scam.

You will find below the message sent to all teachers that have contacted us directly. Please, feel free to post it on your website.

Best regards,


Letter to the teachers

Dear all,

We have been contacted by several teachers about an advert for a job offer in January 2010 mentioning the principal’s name, Luc VEZIN. This advert has apparently been published on the Internet. There is no such position nor any financial deal involved.

Mistaken applicants explained they have received a contract offer. They were also asked to pay several hundred euros by Western Union for some different reasons (visa, accommodation …)

We clearly state we are not involved in any way in that procedure.

Application to our school should only be made through the official school website ( contacts page for correspondence.

Thank you for contacting us directly.

Luc Vezin

Posted on Thu, Oct 22 - 07:56

carol says:
Thanks for the responses and other comments. Gaby's right - it is bloody cruel! And I hope no-one has fallen for it, although I suspect with these shysters' shotgun approach to so many tefl sites there will be some who do kiss goodbye to their money. Dreadful! I'm so tempted to reply to the fake Luc Vezin and have a rant but expect it will be water off a duck's back. Is there no way of getting these scumbags? Good luck to those who didn't fall for it all.
Posted on Thu, Oct 22 - 11:02

Gaby says:
I know it's water off a duck's back Carol, but I totally gave them a piece of my mind. You should do it! It felt really good! Hehe. Obviously they never answered, but seriously they took such a long time out of their lives to do this. It's ridiculous. Oh well, I really really hope we all get a real job soon! Good luck everyone!
Posted on Thu, Oct 22 - 11:56

Lucy says:
I applied initially to these people, then got suspicious when I was sent a "written interview", and when I noticed the email address was Ombrossa (not Ombrosa). I contacted the real school and was told this was not in anyway connected to their school. Out of curiosity I sent basic answers to the written interview and asked about the email address- they had the cheek to still send me a "contract" and claim that this was their new email! Incidently the background print on the "contract" also says Ombrossa (2 'S').
I did give them a piece of mind, and also told them that scams like these are mentioned on several forums; it won't do much but hopefully they'll realise that more and more people know to NEVER send money to any of these disgusting people!

Posted on Mon, Oct 26 - 06:47

Laurence James says:
I too have fallen prey to the scammers. Lucky for us they write a poor contract. What really caught my eye was that the school director got back to me just 12 hours after I sent off my interview questions.
Posted on Mon, Oct 26 - 03:09

Hadith says:
I did fall for the scam. I paid the accommodation reservation fee. Then I got the following email:

Hello "REMOVED",

Hope you had a wonderful week end!

We have reserved your accomodation and further preparations for your arrival is in progress.I went to the France Education authority this morning to register your name as one of our 2010/2011 English teachers.They viewed your file and were satisfied with the quality of teachers we have employed.

However,they requested for the Certificate/Licence of Pedagogical aptitude,please do you have this Licence? Kindly reply immediately and inform us ,it is extremely important.

Have a great day


I responded to him that I have a Teacher's Certificate and I sent him a copy.

Nevertheless, he responded with the following email:

Hello "REMOVED",

It is imperative that teachers must possess the certificate/license of pedagogical aptitude before teaching in France,it is a Licence/authorisation to impart primary,secondary and high school education at private centers in France.

This license is obtained only once in a life time and it has not expiration date.After,working with us you are kindly advised to keep the licence in a safe place for future contracts in France,Spain and Austria.These are the three countries that demand the license from teachers before they could commence work.

In order to obtain this licence,we will submit your credentials,passport photos, and 975 Euro to the issuing authorities.They will process and issue the license withing 8 working days,you are kindly expected to send the money to :


Ombrossa International Bureau
Apartado 12,Torremolinos,Malaga, Spain

She will be the one to process the licence on your behalf.



That is when I got really suspicious and started to search again (I searched for the scams at the beginning but I fail to find this site).

I would like to say, that it is fruitless to write to them and givnig them your piece of mind. It does not help, they can just laugh at that. What needs to be done is to get the police in Spain, because that is where the money goes, to find them and put them to jail.

Is there anyone living in Spain who would be willing to take it up? I am in Asia and I will try though Interpol.

Good luck, and be careful.


Posted on Tue, Oct 27 - 08:19

Zoltan says:

I have got the phone number of the criminals. They are from Benin (Africa) and the number is 22998173662.
I hope I could help with these infos. I'll share any infos in the future in connection with this scam!

Posted on Fri, Oct 30 - 01:47

Beth Western says:
Being new to this I have unfortunately been had. I was so pleased when I was offered the job and couldn't believe my luck that I was going to work in France. I checked out their website and it all looked above board. I only saw this web posting this morning and have unfortunately handed over my deposit for accommodation. Is there anything I can do to recoup the money I have paid them? I was made redundant in August and have very little money left to live on so this is a big chunk of money gone for me if I can't get it back.
Posted on Sat, Oct 31 - 05:24

Lucy says:
Hi Beth, I'm sorry to say, but I think your chances of getting your money back are slim, sheck with Western Union transfer to see if there's anyway of cancelling the payment. I just want to use this time to emphasise that in future never give money to a school- decent places do not ask for it. Especially as in this case no money was even mentioned until the contract was sent which should automatically raise suspicion. Usually any money regarding visas/ accomodation is arranged via the student direct to a landlord- Never via the school. I wish you all the best in the future and hope you secure a legitimate job soon.
Posted on Sun, Nov 1 - 07:32

Susie says:
How did you get hold of this number and all the other information? I mean, have these gangsters been caught, or will they ever be? Tell us what we should do.
another victim

Posted on Tue, Nov 3 - 11:03

Zafreen says:
THANKS GUYS! My hubby & I were super excited to get the contract from the school but I knew as soon as I saw the money transfer thingie I knew it was a scam!

Also, There is a scam going for a school in Dubai paying USD $4500/month at a school called " AL MAWAKEB ENGLISH SCHOOL DUBAI" from the email addresses:, & this is a SCAM beware. They also ask for money after you go through the processes.

Posted on Thu, Nov 5 - 08:06

Nina says:
Oh my!!!!
It was a good thing I listen to the radio often. I heard the name ELIZABETH MATTHEWS. When I received the contract from "Ombrossa", I was shocked to see the name. I, then replied expressing my disappointment. This "Luc Vezin" even called me crazy saying that there are many ELIZABETH MATTHEWS on earth.

Posted on Sun, Nov 8 - 10:39

smichels says:
I just received my "scam" contract today and luckily came upon this site before sending any money. Thought it a bit too fishy. No telephone interview is not a good thing and the offer came too quickly for me to think they had verified anything here in Canada. Thanks to those who sent in their e-mails so other people are saved from this scam! There are so many out there! Hope they get got soon.

Posted on Fri, Nov 13 - 11:53

Nurdan Ugurluel says:
Thanks a lot for the warnings on this website. I experienced the same things with those deceiving people. Luckily I have not sent them any money. I want to make a complaint to the necessary places about them. Could someone please tell me how I can do that?Thanks in advance.
Posted on Mon, Nov 23 - 03:25

Tracey says:
This is a terrible thing to do to people...not only was I disappointed but I spent my weekend answering the interview questions when i could have put my energy into applying for a real job!...luckily I googled google images and found the contract (the same one sent to me)....I am making a conplaint to the Federal Police in Australia....I also am going to contact (Australian job website) and alert them to this scam...perhaps they should be filtering ESL job ads???
Posted on Mon, Nov 23 - 09:43

Tracey Pitts says:
Hi all.....I just realised I did not find the job on think it was on thought I would let people know this as I would hate to discredit in anyway as it is a great site....cheers
Posted on Tue, Nov 24 - 08:18

Sue says:
Hi. I got caught and paid over
$10 000 Australian in all, for a variety of things. All was supposedly in place for me to receive the airline ticket and papers to present to the French consulate in Sydney for my long-stay visa for France. A bitter pill to swallow, especially because I had French friends check out that the school really existed and Luc Vesin himself phoned and spoke to me!NO help forthcoming from the Australian embassy in France or Spain or the police in Australia France or Spain, nor the ACCC and various bodies in Australia. I am so angry though it is fuelling me to fight on to find some justice and if possible retrieve my money. The spanish police will do nothing unless one hires a lawyer. I have no money for that, and what is the use if the perpetrators are in Africa? where can we go from here?? The real Luc Vezin said that many of us were caught by the scam and paid out money. But so far, I have no evidence that he has informed the police or that they have actually become involved, or any other police for that matter. Does anyone know more?

Posted on Thu, Dec 10 - 04:15

Masika says:
Ok people! This is crazy! I totally fell for this. I just tried sending the second payment for the Apartment, but Western Union flagged it. I have sent 730 dollars, which I sent from South Korea back at the beginning of November. I can't believe that I feel for this. There were sooo many signs:
They wouldn't let me call them.
~I sent the money to Spain even though I was teaching in France.

Posted on Thu, Dec 24 - 12:00

Maggie says:
I wanted to let everyone know that this exact same scam was pulled by these scammers, using the name of a school in Málaga, Spain. The school is named Colegio Alemán Juan Hoffmann, and they sent out these exact emails to me too. I'm glad I found this forum to confirm my scam suspicions.
Posted on Mon, Apr 12 - 04:37

name says:
Thank God my friend found this forum !!
does anybody have a virus we could send
to these very clever C$u#n@^t%!s?
Excuse my French , thank you

Posted on Fri, Sep 7 - 12:40

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