Stable Job With Great Benefits in Changhua City, Taiwan (488 views)

Changhua, Taiwan
September 10, 2016

School Type:  JE English language cram school  

School Location:  ChangHua city

Salary: NT$ 60,300

Openings: 1 positon

How many students to a class: 10~18

Students age: 7~13

Materials: provided by the school

Transportation: Bus, Train, Scooter

Working Hours:


Afternoons & evenings teaching during weekday; Mornings teaching on Saturdays.

Monday to Friday: 16:20~21:10, Except Wednesday.

Wednesday: 13:20~19:10

Saturday: 08:20~12:10

23hours/ week with 6 office hours/ week as the time teachers will do preparing lessons, correcting homework, conversing with parents


Insurance: Health & labor insurance

Work Permit & ARC : Provided by the school

Housing assistance: Yes.


(1)Native English speaker
(2)Qualification: A complete BA degree or a College Diploma with a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA