Public School, International School, Training Center Recruitment Mother tongue / non-native language Good, spoken Teacher (127 views)

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August 19, 2017

Position 1:

Beijing Chaoyang District junior high school, close to Sanlitun; 13-18 years old
Beijing Shijingshan public school: the demand for four teachers, a mother tongue teacher;
Beijing Yizhuang 3 teachers; 7-15 years old
Beijing Mentougou public high school recruiting oral teacher; 17-20 years old
Beijing Dongzhimen, Xizhimen, Chongwenmen. Tiantongyuan, Ma Quan camp and other kindergarten recruitment teacher; 3-6 years old
Beijing needs teacher: 7-10

Working hours of work no more than 20 hours a week, no office hours
Age: 3-20 years old

Position 2:

Guangdong Yangjiang public school 2 female spoken teacher, Guangdong Province near Shenzhen.
Wenzhou training institutions: 1 spoken teacher; 25h / week
The environment is convenient and the air is humid. Public elementary school, junior high school, high school international department
(High school IELTS teacher a!) Need 3 – 5 teachers. At least one native teacher;

  • Qingdao Dongying training schools and international schools. Need 5 mother tongue teacher. / Pronunciation is good non – native language
    Working hours: about 25 hours per week, 5-15 hours of office hours.
    Age: 7-15 years old
    Salary: 16-18k;
  • Guizhou Rongjiang high school oral teacher, mother tongue / mother tongue country graduation; pronunciation is good, experienced;
    No more than 20 hours per week; students aged 17-20 years old
  • Hubei new junior high school, recruiting oral teacher; no more than 20 hours / week. Accept non-native language teacher!

All posts are provided with accommodation / subsidy, food / subsidy. Medical care. Holiday subsidy, full year ticket subsidy, airport pick up service, birthday present.
Welfare: provide accommodation, / subsidy, food, medical insurance, winter vacation, summer vacation living allowance, air ticket, subsidy, airport pick up, help visa, free Chinese experience class.

Wage requirements: wages based on teacher qualifications (education, pronunciation, teaching experience, teaching ability, etc.)

Requirements: at least Bachelor degree; at least 2 years working experience, good pronunciation! TESOL certificate mother tongue / non-native pronunciation is good;
Education / early childhood education / child care related professional;
Have a bachelor’s degree in any field; aged 23-45 years old

  • Qingdao jobs must be native speakers, good pronunciation, good image, 5 years of teaching experience, TESO certificate, master’s degree (at least undergraduate education), education-related professional priority.

Interested can contact me. Will resume, passport (description nationality) video, diploma, TESOL send: We can discuss specific details.

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