Nice View Of The Mountains And Friendly Taiwanese Feel-Zhudong, Hsinchu County (466 views)

Hsinchu County, Taiwan
September 10, 2016

School Type: ESL language school

School Location: Zhudong Township, HsinChu

Students age: 6~15 years old

Materials: provided by the school

Transportation: Bus, scooter

Work hours:

Monday to Friday for 3:30pm~9pm.

Actual teaching hours are 80 teaching hours a month.

Salary: 48,000NT$ with 3,000NT$ monthly for the housing subsidies.

Insurance: partly provided by the school

Work Permit: Provided by the school


Teacher Requirements

How many required: 1

When Required: ASAP

 Job Details:
Apply Now:


ZhuDong, HsinChu County.

It takes about 30~35 minutes from ZhuDong to Hsinchu city by train.

(Of course there’re also buses available.)

I think it’s quite easy for you to google HsinChu city though. 😉

Take a look at this link as you can learn more useful and interesting info about ZhuDong.

It is true that ZhuDong is nowhere near water. However, it’s easy for you to get to anywhere where in HsinChu. Apart from that, it doesn’t take long for you to go to Taipei, Taichung or even Kaohsiung by High Speed train, once you’re in HsinChu city