licensed teacher needed in Taipei Taiwan (Shilin Dist) (399 views)

Taiwan Taipei
August 29, 2016

it is a private high school in Shilin Dist, Taipei City
starting day 20 August
School Introduce
this school first founded as an orphanage in 1955 for war orphans, later added a high school to its picturesque campus in 1969. Their Foreign Language Center was established in early 2000s to provide junior high and senior high students with English immersion. 

School provide 
-salary $66,000 NTD/month
-complimentary lunches
-Free housing
-paid Taiwanese holidays
-health/labor insurance
-assistance in work permit/ Resident visa applications

Teaching responsibilities 
-teaching English as a Second Language
-working hours 8am-5pm
-20 teaching periods (50 mins each) per week
-participate in Foreign Language Center test creation
-extracurricular and competition coaching and/or supervision
-Native English Speaker
-Valid Teaching License

-Bachelor degree or higher