Fun Loving Teachers Needed (503 views)

Nakorn Sithammarat, Thailand
October 5, 2016

We are looking for professional, FUN-loving, open-minded, student-centered teachers that can work well on a team and handle the demands of living in a beautiful foreign country. We need teachers that are committed for a minimum of one year that are willing to adapt to Thai culture and willing to do what it takes to give our students the best possible education. Teachers will serve the needs of the school and parents while having fun and enjoying this beautiful country! Please scroll through the whole page as we have over 50 NES positions.

We have the very best benefits and consistently offer the best benefits in our area. Thus, we have several NES teachers that have been with us for several years, and retain a very high percentage of teachers each year (anyone in the ESL field knows this means a lot). We have in-house training, peer-to peer observations, professional development opportunities and a solid staff of English-speaking Thai teachers. We offer the highest pay scales in our area, along with airfare, large bonuses, attendance bonuses, health and accident insurance, 24 hour teacher assistance, lunches, teacher offices, teacher lounges, private cafeteria and an environment that wants to make and keep our NES teachers happy.

Please see the Jobs available, Duties, Requirements, and Benefits all listed then email with the “How to Apply” specifics described at the bottom of the recruitment page. Thank you for looking.