Foreign Expert, Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education, Thammasat University (135 views)

Come work in amazing Thailand, at one of the country’s oldest and most prominent universities, at its main campus just north of bustling Bangkok (and only a few hours from the sea).

Thammasat University is looking for a dynamic and versatile Foreign Expert to join the team at the new Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education (LSEd), as well as its even newer Thammasat Secondary School (TSS). This position is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to advance your career by combining teaching, research, networking and related tasks in a convivial and rapidly-evolving academic environment.

Building on Thammasat’s proud history of pro-democracy activism, both the faculty and the school embrace a progressive, socially-innovative approach uncommon in Thailand. Both are also uniquely multidisciplinary, drawing top talent from a wide range of different fields—although for this particular position we need someone with experience teaching English.


  1. Team-teaching secondary school English classes
  2. Planning, implementing, and assessing curriculum and other needs of a growing secondary school
  3. Conducting and supervising relevant research alone and with other faculty members
  4. Organizing or hosting international conferences, workshops, or seminars
  5. Working with our International Relations section to build institutional collaborations
  6. For a more detailed job description, visit


  1. Visa and work permit assistance from friendly, knowledgeable HR staff
  2. Government employee medical and dental insurance
  3. Conference funding available after completion of first one-year contract
  4. Ten (10) days paid vacation and fifteen (15) days paid sick leave
  5. Flexible hours
  6. Access to university resources including library, pool, and fitness center (for a small fee)
  7. Shuttles running directly to transit hubs in downtown Bangkok, Chatuchak Weekend Market, and Future Park Rangsit shopping mall

SALARY:  41,770 THB per month (including housing allowance of 8,000 THB)

With the low cost of living outside the capital, and especially on a university campus, it’s possible not just to live comfortably but to save up for a major purchase or that next big trip (or pay off student debt).

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Friday, June 30, 2017


Please visit—Foreign-Expert–1-position-/43?lang=en


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